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 What is in the book?
 Productivity Blog
  Simple CRM
 Customer Retention
 Relationship Marketing
 Customer Loyalty
 Retail Optimization
  Visitor Conversion
  Visitor Quality
Guide to E-Metrics
  Customer Profiles
  Customer LifeCycles
  LifeTime Value
  Calculating ROI

  Recent Repeaters
  Retail Promotion
  Pre-CRM ROI Test
  Tracking CRM ROI
Tutorial: Latency
  Tutorial: Recency
  Scoring Software

About the Drilling Down Author

Jim Novo is an interactive customer retention, defection, and loyalty expert with 25+  years of experience generating exceptional returns on customer marketing program investments.  The average ROI of Jim's programs now stands at just over 70%, with several reaching ROI of over 400%.  Jim is Managing Director of Education for the Digital Analytics Association, creating the first college level courses focused on web analytics and the DAA's Certification Test.

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His professional career has been focused on introducing Data-Driven marketing to new industries.  In the 80ís, cable television was the target and his ground-breaking High ROI  customer retention programs were widely adopted throughout the industry.  

In the 90ís, Jim revolutionized the TV Shopping business by focusing resources on the customer instead of the products.  For the 00ís, the Internet lies squarely in Jimís sights. The innovative yet simple customer analysis techniques found in the Drilling Down book put two decades of High ROI Customer Relationship Management experience in the hands of today's interactive marketers.


Drilling Down: customer data profiles by Jim Novo


At The Home Shopping Network, Jim Novo witnessed the entire business cycle of a hyper-growth interactive retailer.  After the land-grab customer acquisition phase, he directed the critical transition to customer retention and credit marketing activities across the television, catalog, and Internet divisions.

 As Vice President of Programming & Marketing during the slowdown to the mature phase, Jim handled the integration of customer communications and marketing across all the distribution channels, creating a "cradle-to-grave" customer path from Television to Internet to Catalog, greatly extending customer LifeTime Value.

These lessons are proving valuable in understanding Internet activities, as the consumer behavior is similar, though more exaggerated.  Please consider joining Radio Shack, Pfizer, Dell Computer, Ingram Industries Inc., Silver Dollar City, Inc., Future Now, SkiEurope, Booklocker, Ontain, SpeechWorks, MBNA, Kobie Marketing, Barnes and Noble, Cellular One, SteelTorch Software, Retek Direct, CBS Sportsline, Aerial, Home Shopping Network, Tupperware and a host of smaller companies that have successfully Turned Customer Data into Profits.

Jim Novo is an MBA Graduate of Babson College, a school known for a focus on entrepreneurial activity.  He majored in Economics and Psychology as an undergraduate at Dartmouth College.  

Jim is currently working with software and marketing companies to improve their products and practices in database marketing offline, on the Internet, and in multi-channel environments.  He'd be glad to teach you and your staff how to use your customer data to improve profitability and create high ROI customer focused marketing programs.

Can I help you? 

Hello reader, Jim here.  How'd you like the boilerplate book jacket promo stuff?  It's the only 3rd person writing on the site, but I find it very awkward to write gushing stuff like that about myself.  So I used it.  The way I figure it, you won't believe I'm good at what I do anyway without talking to me first.  So let's get down to business, shall we?

What exactly is it you do, Jim?

I can help you with many challenges you are facing involving customer data, including but not limited to the following issues.  I also speak at industry conferences / trade shows on the topics below - see below.

Increasing the profitability or contribution of your web site to your overall business

Deciding which data is most important to the future profitability of your business - solving the "drowning in data" problem.

Organizing a process for scoring and ranking your customers by their future value, so marketing folks can track the true profitability  contribution of ads, products, offers, etc.

Developing marketing-oriented reports used to predict and act on customer LifeCycles.

Implementing "early warning system" flags to alert marketers to future customer value failure associated with ads or products.

Creating high ROI marketing programs that make money now while consistently increasing the value of customers over time

Finding and fixing customer retention problems

Analyzing why current retention or customer value development efforts are unprofitable

Developing customer value maximization and  retention rules for rules-based CRM engines

Previous / Future Speaking & Seminars

See the Marketing Productivity blog.

If you'd like to discuss a topic or two with me one-on-one, let me know if you are going to be attending any of these events and I'll find the time to speak with you!

Contact: blog at jimnovo dot com

I prefer to teach clients a framework for evaluating and addressing their customer marketing challenges rather than doing all the work and keeping your "data secrets" to myself.    This approach enables you to grow your own customer expert resources internally, and allows me to help more clients.

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