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High ROI Customer Marketing: 3 Key Success Components

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Customer Model:

Customer Model:
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Customer LifeCycles

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Measuring CRM ROI

CRM Analytics:
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About the Author

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 What is in the book?
 Productivity Blog
  Simple CRM
 Customer Retention
 Relationship Marketing
 Customer Loyalty
 Retail Optimization
  Visitor Conversion
  Visitor Quality
  Guide to E-Metrics
  Customer Profiles
  Customer LifeCycles
  LifeTime Value
  Calculating ROI

  Behavior Visualization
  Recent Repeaters
  Retail Promotion
  Pre-CRM ROI Test
  Tracking CRM ROI
Tutorial: Latency
  Tutorial: Recency
  Scoring Software
  About Jim

High ROI Customer Consulting

Where are you in the process of leveraging customer data to improve your profitability?

Please consider joining Listrak, Pfizer, Ingram Industries Inc., Silver Dollar City, The Oriental Institute, Morrison Homes, Ontain, MBNA, Barnes and Noble, Verizon, CBS Sportsline, Tupperware and a host of smaller companies and nonprofits who have successfully Turned Customer Data into Profits.

What Exactly is it You Do, Jim?

How many Marketing people do you know with extensive Analytical experience?  How many Analysts do you know with extensive Marketing experience?  

For 25+ years I have acted in both roles with thousands of data sets over scores of business models.  When you get right down to it, where I can help most Marketing or Analytical folks boils down to two ideas: 

1.  I know how to organize customer data for Marketing action.  When I see a data set, I can teach you how to create reports from it that will lead to profitable Marketing actions.  If you already have customer reports, I can tell you what is going right with them and where they're probably falling short. Perhaps more importantly in the early stages, I can help you deliver customer reporting everyone understands and can take action with. 

2.  I can translate data into specific Customer Marketing action plans - who to speak to, how to speak to them, and when to speak to generate the optimal return on Marketing investment. If you don't have customer reporting, I can help you create it.  If you do have customer reporting, I can teach you how to use it to drive higher profits. 

If you're a Manager and spend lots of time going round and round between the Analysts and the Marketing folks, producing endless reports but not getting anything done with them, or testing and re-testing and not getting anywhere, you need a plan both sides can understand.  What I deliver is speed to market and confidence in a bottom line outcome.  

If you're a Marketing person having trouble  getting what you need from the Analysts, I can act as a translator and drive the Analysts in a direction that will be actionable for you.

If you're an Analyst and you're frustrated by a lack of understanding on the Marketing side, or you think they're simply heading in the wrong direction, I can help you build the analytical case and translate it back into Marketing plans.

As a Marketer, I know exactly what kind of data I need to drive increased profitability.  As an Analyst, I know where to find that data or how to create it.  Because I'm Both, and look at Customer Marketing challenges from both sides simultaneously, I can save you time, money, and frustration. 

So that's what I do.

Interested? Let's chat. 


eMail: blog at jimnovo dot com  

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Do you work with small businesses?

If you are a very small business (under 5,000 customers / revenues below $500,000) you should get my book and take advantage of my knowledge by addressing the issues yourself.  It's really not that hard when you have a step by step plan, which is provided in the book.  If you get stuck on something, just contact me, and I would be glad to help you through it.  After all, you bought the book and if I have failed to provide you with what you need to know to make more money marketing to your customers, I owe you some accessible "how to" assistance.

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