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Customer Model:

Customer Model:
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  Simple CRM
 Customer Retention
 Relationship Marketing
 Customer Loyalty
 Retail Optimization
  Visitor Conversion
  Visitor Quality
Guide to E-Metrics
  Customer Profiles
  Customer LifeCycles
  LifeTime Value
  Calculating ROI

  Recent Repeaters
  Retail Promotion
  Pre-CRM ROI Test
  Tracking CRM ROI
Tutorial: Latency
  Tutorial: Recency
  Scoring Software
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Apr 2011  Defining Behavioral Segments

Mar 2011  Increase Profit with Customer State

Feb 2011  Optimizing for Customer Value

Nov 2010 When Do Visitors Need a Coupon?

Oct 2010  Freemium Customer Conversion

Aug - Sep  PA-DSS / Lab Store Upgrade

Jul 2010  Segmentation by LTD & LifeCycle

May 2010  LTV, RFM, LifeCycles - a Framework

Apr 2010  Finding LifeCycles, Retention Profits

Feb - Mar  WAA Certification Project

Jan 2010  Control Groups in Small Populations

Dec 2009  Choosing Size of Control Groups

Nov 2009  Customer Value in Freemium Model

Oct 2009 Member Retention: Professional Orgs

Sep 2009  Customer Retention for Restaurants

Aug 2009  RFM versus LifeCycle Grids

Jul 2009  Loyalty Program Structure / Tracking 

Jun 2009  Lead Scoring and Nurturing

May 2009  Hacking the RFM Model

Apr 2009  Measuring Social Media Value

Mar 2009  Discounts in Customer Retention?

Feb 2009 Relationship Mktng: Manufacturing

Jan 2009  Visitor Retention Mapping

Dec 2008  A Budget for Discounts?

Nov 2008  Offline Engagement Modeling

Oct 2008  Modeling Small Databases

Sep 2008  Promotional Proneness

Aug 2008 - see blog for content

Jul 2008  Short Tail of Customer Value

Jun 2008  RF Scores and LifeCycle Grids

May 2008  Customer Modeling for Finance

Apr 2008  Customer Analysis: Car Dealer

Mar 2008   Incremental Value of Gift Cards

Feb 2008        <No Newsletter Test>

Jan 2008  Strategic vs. Tactical LTV

Dec 2007  Marketing into a Downturn

Nov 2007  Commerce Channel Management

Oct 2007   What's the Frequency?

Sep 2007  Marketing or Financial Model?

Aug 2007  PRIZM Clusters Not Predictive

Jul 2007    Problems with Retention Rate

May 2007  Tracking Untrackable Campaigns

Apr 2007  6033% ROI, Defining Churn

Mar 2007 Timing Mail Drops 4 Consumables

Feb 2007  Profiling Library Customers

Jan 2007  Marketing Productivity Blog

Dec 2006  Defection Rejection - Part 5

Nov 2006  Defection Rejection - Part 4

Oct 2006  Defection Rejection - Part 3

Sep 2006  Defection Rejection - Part 2

Aug 2006  Defection Rejection

Jul 2006  Customer Retention: Auto Dealers

Jun 2006 LTV Not Always about Marketing

May 2006  Behavioral vs. Demographic Data

Apr 2006   Effective Retention Campaigns

Mar 2006  Intra-Company Promotional Risks

Feb 2006   Subsidy Costs in PPC Marketing

Jan 2006   Retention in a High Churn Model

Nov / Dec 2005  Second Purchase Marketing

Oct 2005  Analyzing Frequent Flyer Data

Sep 2005  How Long is the LifeTime?

Aug 2005  Segment to Determine LTV

July 2005  Using RFM to Predict Profits

Jun 2005   Using Multiple, Related Models

May 2005    Durable Goods / Mutual Funds

Mar-Apr 2005  B2B Services Retention

Feb 2005   Event-Driven models in B2B

Jan 2005   When Acquisition Spoils Retention

Dec 2004   Creating an Analytical Culture

Nov 2004   Customer Value Matrix

Oct 2004   Small Biz Customer Marketing

Sep 2004   Measuring Customer Retention

Aug 2004  Six Sigma Marketing

Jul 2004  Creating Retention Metrics

Jun 2004  Optimizing for Visitor Conversion

May 2004 Student and Wireless Retention

Apr 2004  Customer Segmentation

Mar 2004  CRM - Customer Value Scoring

Feb 2004  Using B2B Models with ACT!

Jan 2004  LifeTime Value and Budgeting

Dec 2003  Mutual Fund Model for CRM

Nov 2003  Web Analytics, Email Scoring

Oct 2003   New RFM: Paid Subscribers

Sep 2003   Using the New RFM

Aug 2003   The New RFM

Jul 2003     Visitor Conversion

Jun 2003    Customer Defection

May 2003    Recency of Visit

Apr 2003     Recency / Newsletter Subs

Mar 2003    Recency/ Relationship Marketing

Feb 2003    Recency / ROI of CRM

Jan 2003     Recency / Loyalty / Affinity

Dec 2002     Recency / Control Groups

Nov 2002    Recency: Web Retailing Example

Oct-b 2002    Recency: Not for Everyone?

Oct 2002       Recency Defined

Sep 2002      Recency:  It's all Relative

Aug 2002       Latency: Services, Non-Profit

Jul 2002         B2B #3, Cost of Queuing

Jun 2002        B2B #2, Free / Pay Model

May 2002       B2B Software Example #1

Apr 2002        Hair Salon Example #4

Mar 2002       Hair Salon Example #3

Feb 2002       Hair Salon Example #2

Jan 2002       Hair Salon Example #1

Dec 2001      Free WebTrends Calculator

Nov 2001      Promo Effects on LifeCycle

Oct 2001       High ROI Latency Promo 

Sep 2001       Latency Profiles

Aug 2001       Behavior-based Marketing

Jul 2001         Customer LifeCycle: Latency

Jun 2001        One-Time Buyers

May 2001       Recency / discount ladders

Apr 2001        Using log file analysis

Mar 2001       Geo-demographics

Feb 2001       ROI of Branding

Jan 2001        RF Techniques in services

Dec 2000        Best Pay-per Click Practices

Nov 2000        Loyalty Book Reviews

Oct 2000         Subsidy Costs/Halo Effects


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