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About Skip Liebman

Skip Liebman is a customer service expert with over 25 years experience specializing in the implementation of a results-oriented Strategic Service System and service training workshops to generate improved revenues and profits for organizations.  Skip is uniquely qualified to help organizations find solutions to today's business challenges.  Since 1972, Skip has established himself as a service authority consulting and training to many well-known organizations including fortune 100 and 500 companies.  During the past seven years he has delivered over 600 customer service training seminars and performance workshops to 25,000 business people over a broad range of industries nationwide.

Highly regarded by clients, Skip brings creativity and hands-on involvement to projects.  He has built a reputation for quickly assessing problems and taking corrective action to maximize business.  As a consultant, Skip provides volumes of information and insight that increases levels of service performance, productivity, and accountability developed through his highly productive and comprehensive Strategic Service System for service excellence.

His dynamic presentation skills and ability to share real life experiences, motivate, inform and entertain make him a highly effective and sought-after trainer and speaker.

Companies like Kampgrounds of America, Abercrombie & Kent International, United Ad Label, Missouri Small Business Development Center, National Concierge Association, Wheels Inc. American Management Association, MBL Life Assurance, Bass Pro Shops, Ameritech, Ernst and Young, Renaissance Worldwide, Cellular One, and the International Council of Shopping Centers have taken advantage of Skip's programs designed to turn service theory into practical, usable service strategies that work - and work profitably.

Recently, Skip Liebman and Jim Novo have joined forces to create a Strategic Partnership that combines Skip's customer-centered consulting and training with Jim's data-driven High ROI Customer Marketing.  By integrating these two action-based programs on a common platform of results-oriented metrics, Simple CRM was born.  Clients benefit at the bottom line from improved customer service and marketing efforts while maximizing ROI.

Skip Liebman graduated from Drury University Business School, an institution known for cultivating some of America's foremost business leaders and entrepreneurs, with a degree in business and economics.

The Liebman Company
2200 E. Sunshine  Suite 109
Springfield, MO 65804
E-mail Address  (skip@skipliebman.com)
Web site: http://www.skipliebman.com
Phone/Fax 417.883.6464
Voice Mail 800.339.3543


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